Avantage/Disadvantage Edit

  • Roll 2 dice and take the higher/lower of the shown rolls.

Bitter Edit

  • If this is your only status, gain your strength modifier in power. If you have another status with a different name, instead lose your strength modifier in defense.

Blind Edit

  • Skill checks that require sight, including attacking and defending, have disadvantage.

Break Edit

  • Passives are disabled.

Cursed Edit

  • Any spells, abilities, or items that would heal you, instead deal magical damage to you equal to the amount of healing.

Dazed Edit

  • You may only perform one of these on your turn: Attack, Minor Action, or Engage/Disengage.

Elusive Edit

  • Your defense rolls have advantage.

Enraged Edit

  • Deal 1.5x physical damage, you must target the source of this status with spells and attacks if possible.

Entangled Edit

  • Half movement speed, and Accuracy and Defense is lowered by an amount equal to the Wisdom modifier of whoever inflicted this.

Flanked Edit

  • If a creature Attacks you while you are Engaged with another creature, your Defense rolls against that creatures Attacks have disadvantage.

Hidden Edit

  • Enemies can't see you.
    • You lose this if you perform an action besides moving, or an enemy succeeds a perception roll against your stealth.
    • If you attack while hidden it becomes a sneak attack.
      • Add your dexterity modifier to your power. Melee attacks count as flanking.

Insanity Edit

  • At the beginning of your turn roll a d6 and perform the corresponding action, then end your turn.
    • Roll a 1: Attack a random ally in your zone with 1.5x Physical Power (do not engage them or apply flanking.)
    • Roll a 2: Attempt to flee the battle.
    • Roll a 3: Cower in fear (do nothing.)
    • Roll a 4: Cast a random spell you know on a random enemy or ally. If you don't know any spells your character attempts to cast one anyways.
    • Roll a 5: Attempt to light a nearby object on fire.
    • Roll a 6: Attack a random enemy in your zone with 1.5x Physical Power (Disengage/Engage if you have to.)

Soaked Edit

  • Whenever you take Lightning damage, take bonus damage equal to the Spellpower of the person who applied this status.

Squall Edit

  • At the end of each enemy round, a blast of air forces all enemies engaged to you to disengage.

Stunned Edit

    • You may only make minor or free actions during your turn.

Advantage/Disadvantage: Roll 2 dice and take the higher/lower of the shown rolls.

Bleeding: Take damage at the end of your turn equal to 5% of your total HP.

Blinded: Attacks you make have disadvantage, and attacks against you have advantage.

Burned: Take damage at the end of your turn equal to the Wisdom modifier of the inflictor of the burn.

Bloodied: You become bloodied when you're below half health and lose bloodied when you go back above half health.

Cursed: You cannot heal health.

Dazed Edit

You may not make a main action and a movement action within the same turn and cannot run.

Disabled: You can only make free actions.

Disarmed: You cannot make any attacks that require a weapon.

Elusive: Attacks against you have disadvantage.

Entangled: You move at half speed and take a penalty to your attacks and dodge value equal to the wisdom modifier of the inflictor of the entanglement.

Ethereal: You cannot be dealt damage by non-magical weapons.

Fear: You must make a basic move to travel as far away from the inflictor of the fear as possible.

Flanked: Melee attacks against you have advantage. This occurs when two enemy units are adjacent to you.

Glowing: Lights dark areas and enemies can see you at all times. Also you cannot go invisible.

Haste: The amount of movement actions you have for a turn are doubled.

Helpless: You can make no actions and your dodge, block and parry values are 0.

Immobile: You may not make movement actions.

Invisible: You cannot be seen or targeted. This is removed if you make a main action.

Invulnerable: You take no damage and cannot die or fall unconscious.

Levitation: You are not affected by terrain and can cross gaps and chasms.

Marked: If you make an attack on anyone besides the inflictor of the mark, they may make an opportunity attack against you if they're in an adjacent square.

Night Vision: Darkness does not limit your vision.

Petrified: You are helpless and invulnerable.

Prone: You are knocked on the ground. You cannot move until you spend a movement action to stand up. Attacks against you have advantage and attacks you make have disadvantage.

Shell: Enemies cannot inflict statuses on you.

Shroud: Cannot be targeted.

Silenced: You cannot make any actions that require spending mana.

Sleep: You fall prone and are helpless until you take damage or an adjacent ally uses a minor action to wake you.

Slowed: You move at half speed.

Smoldering: Same effect as Burned, but is stackable.

Stoneskin: Add your constitution modifier to your armor value.

Stunned: You may only make minor or free actions during your turn.

Taunted: If in range you must make a basic attack against the inflictor of the taunt.

Unconscious: You fall prone and are helpless.

Warded: Take half damage from a given source.

Water Breathing: You can breathe underwater.