Combat Abilities are special actions that conventional fighters employee to defeat their enemies.

You can only use individual combat abilities once every two turns unless stated otherwise.

Ability Types Edit

  • Attack
    • Make an attack with your weapon on an enemy in range and apply any special effects.
  • Reaction
    • Skip your Main Action on your turn and you may perform one of these abilities at any time until your next turn if the right conditions are fulfilled.
Name Ability
Description Restriction
Ambush Reaction When an enemy moves within your zone or attempts to leave it you may Engage them. If you do, end their turn.
Duel Attack
Hamstring Attack If this attack is successful, defending enemy is slowed until the end of the next enemy round. Melee
Intervene Reaction When an enemy engages an ally in your zone swap places with them. If the enemy uses an attack of opportunity on your ally, the attack is applied to you instead.
Joint Strike Attack If the targeted enemy has taken physical damage from an ally this round, gain your charisma modifier in power for this attack.
Knee Shot Attack You have -1 power for this attack. If this attack is successful, defending enemy cannot retreat or engage/disengage until your next turn. Ranged
Overwatch Reaction When an enemy moves within your attack range make a basic attack on them. Engage them if it's a melee attack and they aren't already engaged.
Parry Reaction Sorcery
Shield Bash Reaction With your shield as a weapon, attack an enemy you are engaged to that is performing an action besides attacking you. If successful, counter their action and they are dazed until the start of your next turn. Shield
Sunder Attack Gain +1 power for this attack. If the attack is successful remove 1 point of armor from the enemy until the end of battle.
0 Sorcery

Roll for Damage

  • Trap
    • Perform this as your Main Action for your turn. Until your next turn if the correct conditions are fulfilled, activate the triggered ability.